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Anna Lamonica

Anna Lamonica, originally from
Bellevue, Washington received a BFA
in Dance Performance from Chapman
University. Shortly after
graduation, she relocated to
London, England where she spent
nearly a year pursuing her love of
modern dance. Along with taking
classes from world-renowned
choreographers, she spent her time
performing throughout the city with
both Rancidance and Cloud Dance
Company. After London, Anna
returned to Southern California and
worked briefly with Diavolo Dance
Theater’s Education Company.
She then joined Kybele Dance
Theater, performing throughout
California under the direction of
Seda Aybay. Her most recent
endeavor includes co-founding the
Contemporary Modern Dance
Cooperative (CMDC), which is a Los
Angeles-based group that provides
weekly dance and conditioning
classes taught by rotating teachers
from the local modern dance

Kevin & Mandy

Kevin Andrews & Mandy Allyn are
former ballroom dance instructors.

Jessica Anderson-Gwi....

Jessica is the founded the first
contemporary pole dance company in
America in 2009. She also appeared
on America\'s Next Best Dance Crew
(Season 6) and America\'s Got
Talent (Seasons 6 and 7).

Briant and Nino

The Dance App is very proud to
welcome Briant Leytman and Nino
Dzneladze! Briant and Nino are both
16 and are all ready Ballroom Dance
Champions! In March, the latin
ballroom dancers competed in Utah
and took 1st at The National Dance
Council of America. Just one month
later, they competed at The USA
Dance Nationals in Los Angeles and
won again! What's even more
exciting is that both Briant and
Nino are from Europe but train at
Dance Revolution in Los Angeles!
Though Briant was born in America,
his family is from Russia and has
very close ties to the country.
Briant even speaks Russian
fluently! Nino was actually born
in the Ukraine and began dancing at
4. Briant began at age 8 and was
featured on Season 1 of Dancing
with the Stars. He is also in the
upcoming movie "Stepping High"
featuring The Dance App's Kent
Boyd, which was choreographed by
Katee Shean and Jerome Alexander.
Briant and Nino have only been
dance partners for 3 months and
have all ready made quite the
impression on the ballroom
community. This summer, they are
scheduled to compete at The Emerald

Francois Zanutto

The Dance App is proud to introduce
its first international instructor,
Francois Zanutto! Fransu was born
in Haiti and now resides in
Northern Italy. Fransu has a very
diverse background which includes
martial arts, tumbling, and Hip
Hop! He teaches Popping, Locking,
Isolations, Tutting, Grooves, and
even Aerobics to both novice and
advanced dancers! Fransu\'s fun
personality and charm have made him
very popular in Italy!\n\nFransu is
the creator of Zeus Hip Hop, a Hip
Hop company and studio! His
students have achieved much success
winning 1st at competitions for
solos, duos/trios, and groups.
Some of his students have done
movies in Italy and now travel
throughout Italy assisting major
choreographers. In December of
2012, Fransu and his wife welcomed
their first child, Sophie!

Jojo Diggs

Jojo Diggs brings passion,
spirituality and freedom into the
classroom. Her rare combination of
training in House, Hip Hop,
Ballroom, Breakdance, and Waacking
creates a totally unique movement
and concept of instruction. Jojo
has traveled, taught or competed in
17 countries, and has made waves
across the nation in world renowned
studios such as Movement Lifestyle,
Millennium, Debbie Reynolds, BDC
NY, and many more. Jojo is part of
Mop Top Crew, a group of pioneers
and legends in the hip hop and
house community. She credits her
first dance family to Culture
Shock, and is a member of Ladies of
Hip Hop, and Soul Shifters dance
crews. She has also worked in the
mainstream media as a choreographer
for “So You Think You Can
Dance” internationally,
choreographed for #1 singles in
Japan, assisted Micheal
Jackson’s choreographer -
Travis Payne and choreographed
stage work for pop stars Matty B
and Erikah Jayne. She is the
founder and CEO for GOTM Apparel, a
2 year running successful
international t-shirt company,
which is affiliated with Dancers
Alliance, that is made for dancers
by dancers. Her focus and passion
began and still exist in the
underground of music, dance and
culture by battling, judging and
organized street competitions. She
is committed to full
self-expression, execution of her
principles, and building leaders in
her community.
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