Here you can find the music used in each of the lessons.



Gina Starbuck's "The Sky Is Falling"


Gina Starbuck: "The Sky Is Falling"

Gina Starbuck

The Sky is Falling - Pieces of My Mind - EP




Shannon Mather's "Lyrical 101"


Blake McGrath: "Lullaby"
Blake McGrath

Lullaby - Time to Move




Kent & Katee's "Never Felt This Way B4"


Micah: "Ohh My"
micah cd cover
Oh My - Coast to Coast



Katee Shean's "Wrong"


Joe Gillette: "Where Did We Go Wrong"
Joe Gillette 
 Where Did We Go Wrong - Joe Gillette




Janelle & Dejan's "Smack You"


Kimberly Cole: "Smack You"
Kimberly Cole 
 Smack You - Single - Kimberly Cole



Kevin Andrews' "Cow Party"


Rachele Lynae: "Party 'til The Cows Come Home"
Rachele Lynae 
Party 'Til the Cows Come Home - Party 'Til the Cows Come Home - Single



Jerome Alexander's "Hip Hop Grooves"

Stock Music...Try it to your favorite hip hop song with the same tempo!


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Noey & JDouble: Grand Prize